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Christie dishes on Great Wall of Trump: “I disagreed with him because I was running against him”

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Governor Chris Christie reportedly helped broker this past week’s Trump trip to Mexico, Save Jerseyans, and he stood by the GOP nominee’s approach to foreign affairs on Sunday morning’s edition of Face Read More

Face the Nation: Christie vows to make second debate’s main stage

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog And he could very well be right whether you want to see him there or not, Save Jerseyans, because in a move that defies all logic (and propriety), debate #2 host CNN Read More

Bridgegate Sunday on TV

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Have a cup of coffee (or several if you’re me, Save Jerseyans) and settle in for a long morning of Bridgegate-centric Sunday political television: – On NBC’s Meet the Press (10:30 a.m.), David Gregory will talk Read More

Christie’s Sunday Talk Circuit (VIDEO)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Obamacare, Iran, school choice, immigration, tax cuts, his future plans and the fate of the Republican Party. Governor Chris Christie had to tackle all of it today on the four major networks’ respective Sunday political Read More

All Christie, All Weekend

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Christie fans are about to have a great Sunday viewing experiences, Save Jerseyans. Detractors should consider turning off the television and doing something outside. The newly-reelected New Jersey Governor is visiting all four major Sunday Read More

Decaffeinated Booker to Decide by Christmas

We’ve been tracking Mayor Cory Booker’s “SNAP challenge” stunt for a week, Save Jerseyans, and I’m still amazed there’s anyone out there who takes this guy seriously. Then again, we’re living (or “subsisting”) in the age of Obama, and I’m apparently Read More

Christie Defends Romney, Slams Obama on ‘Meet the Press’ and ‘Face the Nation’ (VIDEO)

We already showed you Governor Chris Christie’s appearance on ‘This Week’ earlier today, Save Jerseyans. Here’s video from his other two Sunday morning show interviews; you’ll see a what were essentially repeats of his ABC performance, but since David Gregory Read More

CHRISTIE WEIGHS IN: Appearing On ABC, NBC, CBS Morning Shows This Sunday

Mitt Romney’s most prominent Republican ally (and defender) will take to the airwaves this morning and, presumably, passionately advocate for the former Massachusetts governor ahead of Wednesday’s debate. You have three opportunities to enjoy Chris Christie with your cornflakes, Save Read More