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The Out-Of-Touch Reaction to Jamie Fox’s Passing Says It All About the Trenton Swamp

Speaking ill of the dead is undeniably in bad taste, but lying about the legacy of late public figures (particularly how they’re betrayed to the public at large by self-interested apologists) isn’t exactly a good practice either. I firmly believe Read More

Trump tweets that he’ll miss Christie on debate’s main stage

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog There’s no way to spin this one, Save Jerseyans, but Governor Chris Christie tried to make the best of bad situation on social media less than 24-hours after being booted from the Read More

Christie: Trump and Bush have “forgotten that this race is …not about them”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog From Wednesday afternoon’s “Outnumbered” program: TANTAROS: Any thoughts on the back and forth between those two?CHRIS CHRISTIE: Listen, I think the problem is here that both these guys have forgotten that this Read More