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During his dad’s oath? One of Phil Murphy’s sons made the controversial ‘Circle Game’ hand gesture.

By Matt Rooney _ This one is a little weird, Save Jerseyans. So I was working on an unrelated post this morning and watching an NJ.com video of newly-minted Governor Phil Murphy‘s Tuesday oath of office. Then I noticed something Read More

Pence gives the Left a lesson in how to properly use the First Amendment

Vice President Pence chose to leave the Colts game this Sunday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, when players (once again) decided to protest during our National Anthem. Somehow, perhaps predictably, Pence’s decision is being twisted by the Left to fit a “the Read More

More Twitter Digs: Ryan Needles Christie After Packers Prevail

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Dez Bryant went full-showboat and blew it for the Cowboys on Sunday, Save Jerseyans. Dallas fans can delude themselves until next season for all I care; it’s over now! And by the Read More