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VIDEO: Understanding why Trenton’s “wage gap” logic is just another expensive lie

By The Staff _ They’re at it again, Save Jerseyans. Our contributor Katie Cericola explains why the much-discussed ‘wage gap‘ (and the new Trenton proposal to address it) are plain old lies and not worth your time. Watch: – –

No thanks, Audi, I don’t need you to champion my rights

German automaker Audi chose to get political in its Super Bowl ad, advocating equal pay for women. It backfired. The spot featured a young girl competing against her male counterparts in a downhill soapbox car derby, with her father’s voice-over: Read More

Guess How Many Affordable Housing Units Could Be Coming to Bergen County?

If you missed last week’s affordable housing decision from the N.J. Supreme Court, Save Jerseyans, then get caught up ASAP right here. The bottom line? New Jersey communities face NEW property tax-busting affordable housing requirements, as many as 150,000 unit Read More

Equal pay veto fallout: Are ‘educators’ who lie to kids worthy of the title?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Governor Chris Christie‘s decision to veto a goofy ‘equal pay’ measure earlier this week was the right decision, Save Jerseyans. Because conservatives don’t want to see women treated fairly and equally? Please. Read More

Sorry, Bonnie: There is NO gender wage gap in 2016!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog We go through this nonsense every spring, Save Jerseyans. As sure as rain, some dopey Democrat tries to raise money by alleging that there is a “wage gap” in America between men Read More

Christie Assesses “Limited Options”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Citing factors including the pension indiscretions of his predecessors and, in a moment of candor, his own government’s economists’ overly-optimistic assessment of the effect of federal tax changes, Save Jerseyans, Governor Chris Christie told CBS News’ Bob Schieffer at Read More