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This N.J. candidate isn’t giving up on the gas tax fight

The vote went down last October. Neither major party gubernatorial candidate is talking repeal. But Hamilton Councilwoman and LD14 State Senate candidate Ileana Schirmer isn’t done fighting New Jersey’s uber-controversial gas tax. Linda Greenstein, the Democrat incumbent and Schirmer’s opponent, Read More

ANALYSIS: Did Asw. DeCroce, allies spend 3-to-4 times more per vote than her closest competitor?

Governor Chris Christie took a victory lap of sorts after last Tuesday’s primaries, Save Jerseyans, touting the success of pro-gas tax hike GOP incumbents as some species of voter validation of last October’s controversial plan to shore-up the Transportation Trust Read More

Big Labor Throws Bigger Money Behind Gas Tax Candidates in LD24 & 26

Remember that famous parking garage scene from All the President’s Men (1976), Save Jerseyans? “Just… follow… the money…“ Here’s an entry from today’s POLITICO‘s New Jersey Playbook by Matt Friedman (which you need to start following if you’re not already): Read More

Cesaro Hits Back at DeCroce for ‘Hiding’ from Gas Tax Vote

Asw. Betty Lou DeCroce‘s recent mailer-delivered dual shot at opponents Morris County Freeholders John Cesaro and Hank Lyon in this year’s four-person LD26 Assembly contest drew Cesaro’s ire on Thursday. “I do understand she wants to hide the fact that she sided Read More

See, We Told You So: President Trump may soon validate N.J. gas tax opponents’ fears

Back in June of last year, I had a written a few articles about the ill effects of the gas tax here at Matt Rooney‘s Save Jersey Blog. I warned you how, on top of the then-proposed New Jersey gas tax increase, Read More

OPINION: Assemblywoman DeCroce isn’t a conservative

The other day, I received a campaign flier from Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce in which she argued she’s a conservative. Her mailer attacks Morris County Freeholder and Assembly Candidate Hank Lyon as being a fraud and a person who isn’t capable Read More