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Kerry Just Said What They’re All Thinking

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog John Kerry is catching a lot of flack for calling Israel an “apartheid state” last week, Save Jerseyans. He deserves it. He’s an embarrassment to this country; has been since long before I was even born! But Read More

Huckabee: “Maybe We Oughta Let Him in on the Front End” (VIDEO)

In the Facebook age, everyone is an amateur psychologist/sociologist posing as an expert whenever tragedy strikes. Yesterday’s massacre at a Sandy Hook elementary school was certainly no exception to the rule. Most of my Facebook friends had a theory (I declined Read More

Barack Almighty

President Barack Obama’s 11-paragraph Thanksgiving 2012 address contained a lot of stuffing, Save Jersey. Unfortunately, our Turkey-in-Chief couldn’t be bothered with a single mention of the Almighty: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STsr9_VvzNA The same glaring omission marked his 9/11/12 proclamation, too. Remember, folks: our Read More

Anti-Israel, Anti-Religion Majority Reigns at the DNC (VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton will do his best to put a “moderate” face on Barack Obama’s economic policies tonight at the 2012 DNC, Save Jerseyans. Good luck, Mr. President! Absolutely NOTHING can erase FROM our memories what transpired earlier today Read More