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On toilet paper, price gouging, and the free market | Rooney

By Matt Rooney _ Price gouging is back in the public discussion, Save Jerseyans, as a Coronavirus-inspired consumer panic continues to cause a major run on some basic household items including… toilet paper. Why toilet paper? Maybe it’s because toilet Read More

Price Gouging: Inexcusable Greed or Capitalism Working?

New Jersey’s Attorney General is warning state residents of price gouging today, Save Jerseyans, as this late-winter Nor’easter pounds our state. There are laws on the books (which they sometimes enforce). But let’s never forget the #1 Save Jersey rule: Read More

DiMaso: No Gas Tax Price Gouging in Monmouth County

Freeholder Deputy Director Serena DiMaso announced today that the County Division of Weights and Measures, which she oversees, is on the look-out for unscrupulous gas stations that are raising their prices on the news that New Jersey Gas Tax has Read More