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NJEA, Christie administration scrap in court over public retiree health care change

TRENTON — A Superior Court judge is expected to decide Monday whether to order members of the state’s powerful teachers’ union in a dispute with Gov. Chris Christie’s administration to give up its boycott of meetings setting health care benefits Read More

Obamacare Will Burst N.J. Benefits Bubble

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Governor Christie is on the Ocean City Music Pier today pushing for another sweeping round of public employee benefit reforms, Save Jerseyans. It’s timely. You know what the pension numbers look like because you’re a Read More

NJ Judges: We’re the .005%

Cross-Posted from MoreMonmouthMusings.com Never mind the 1% to 99% rhetoric that has worked its way into our lexicon since the Occupy movement moved into Zuccotti Park. With yesterday’s 3-2 decision that judges are exempt from New Jersey’s pension and health Read More