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I’m With You Pal

By Ernesto Cullari | Garden State Liberty I lost my job in August, when the healthcare company that I have worked at for the last 11 years lost funding from its bank and was forced to pay back 10 million dollars over the Read More

ObamaCare Makes Life Harder for NJ Mom & Pop Shops

There are two things in the healthcare debate that everyone knows to be true, Save Jerseyans. First, it is clear that health insurance in the United States is expensive, maybe even prohibitively so. Because insurers cannot compete across state lines Read More

Assemblywoman Simon: “Our Healthcare System Remains Broken”

Here’s more reaction from Thursday‘s disheartening ObamaCare ruling, Save Jerseyans Freshman Assemblywoman Donna Simon (R-Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer and Middlesex) was the designated New Jersey Assembly Republican to issue a formal statement: The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that President Obama’s healthcare Read More

UPDATE: Roberts Sides with Left, Saves Obamacare (and Commerce Clause?) in 5-4 Decision

UPDATE 11:32 a.m. – My prediction, Save Jerseyans – now that this is a “tax,” even MORE businesses will begin to drop employee health coverage (starting today) because paying the fine is cheaper. Not good… UPDATE 10:45 a.m. – ObamaCare Decision (pdf) Initial media reports Read More

OPEN THREAD: Judgment Day for ObamaCare

We’ll keep a keen eye on the New Jersey state budget endgame, Save Jerseyans, but we all know there’s only one political storyline on everyone’s mind today… The ObamaCare ruling. 2,700 pages, 9 primary sections and 450 individual provisions of pure Read More

Guest Op-Ed: Judges Shouldn’t Be Exempt from Increased Contributions for Health and Pension Benefits

In the case of DePascale vs. State of New Jersey just heard by the New Jersey State Supreme Court, it has been argued that a new law requiring Justices and Superior Court Judges to make larger contributions towards the cost Read More

VIDEO: Doctors Commemorate ObamaCare’s Second Anniversary

President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “ObamaCare”) was signed into law two years ago today, Save Jerseyans. The verdict on its infamous anniversary? 56% of Americans support repeal because patients are less protected and healthcare is less affordable than Read More