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Joe Biden Joins Kim Guadagno for Jersey Shore, Hoboken Storm Damage Tour

If there’s anything controversial coming out of THIS particular storm damage tour, Save Jerseyans, it’s likely to come out of the federal officeholder’s mouth. Of what do I speak? This Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden (D-Parks and Recreation) and Lieutenant Read More

Post-Sandy, Doherty Declares Against Beach Tags

Hurricane Sandy has prompted many leading New Jersey politicians to contemplate tax hikes. State Senator Mike Doherty? He’s drafting legislation to eliminate beach tags: Public dollars must be spent for the maximum benefit of all citizens,” said Doherty. “I do Read More

Sandy Clean Up Doesn’t Have to Mean Higher Property Taxes

Governor Chris Christie and other Trenton politicians are talking about post-Hurricane Sandy tax hikes as if they’re a foregone conclusion, Save Jerseyans. They may be. Trenton’s appetite for your money is voracious and needs few excuses. But that doesn’t mean Read More

Donovan Requests and Achieves Restoration of Bergen’s Blue Laws (VIDEO)

Back on October 28th, at the request of Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan, Governor Chris Christie signed Executive Order 109, immediately suspending Bergen County’s “blue laws” owing to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Some wondered whether Christie’s extraordinary act was the prelude Read More

@GovChristie: “This Was Not A Republican Or Democrat Storm” (VIDEO)

Significant portions of the Republican base are still harboring ill-will against Governor Chris Christie for his embrace of President Obama following Hurricane Sandy. Some say it’s very much justified. Other say it’s most definitely not.  What can’t be denied is that Read More

@GovChristie Delivers Hurricane Sandy Briefing from Seaside Park; LBI “Repopulation” Plan Adopted

Here’s the latest Hurricane Sandy aftermath news from Governor Christie today in Seaside Park: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mggR0lYhd0 Meanwhile,  the Christie Administration is putting a plan in place to lift the evacuation order for Long Beach Island and allow what is being described as Read More

Justified or Not, Anti-Christie Angst is Real

In the four years that this website has been operational AND covering Chris Christie, Save Jerseyans, I can’t remember seeing more Republicans rake him over the coals. Anti-Christie angst is moving from the “anecdotal” to the “too many to be Read More