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Trump Blames ‘Islamist Terrorists’ For Berlin Christmas Attack

President-elect Donald Trump released a statement that appears to blame “Islamist terrorists” for the attack on a Berlin Christmas market Monday. “Innocent civilians were murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the Christmas holiday,” said Trump. “ISIS and Read More

Newly-released 911 transcripts should embarrass this N.J. Democrat House candidate

When Omar Mateen waged jihad at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on June 12th, Save Jerseyans, most Americans intuitively knew the gunman wasn’t just another nut. Notable exceptions include Peter Jacob. Who? He’s the upstart NJ-07 Democrat challenger to Republican Congressman Leonard Lance; regular Save Jersey Read More

Kerry finally accepts reality. Great. So what now?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog One of the most frustrating aspects of the Obama-era battle against Islamic Terrorism is undoubtedly his politically correct State Department’s stubborn refusal to accept reality. They’d rather be PC than effective. It’s nauseating. Read More

Trump, Hilldawg clearly competing to see who can say crazier crap

Another Reason Why the Donald Will Never Beat Hilldawg By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog I’m sure you had better stuff to do on the last Saturday before Christmas than watch the Democrats’ sham debate, Save Jerseyans. I Read More

New Jersey man pleads guilty to conspiring to help ISIS

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog ISIS is among us on this coast, too, Save Jerseyans. On Thursday, just a week after the San Bernardino terror attacks in California, 20-year-old Nadar Saadeh, formerly of Rutherford and Fort Lee who reportedly holds Read More

Super PAC takes Clinton to task for Syrian missteps

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog The GOP primary is far from finished, Save Jerseyans, but at least one Republican-affiliated Super PAC is training its sights on the likely Democrat nominee. Future 45, a super PAC funded by Read More