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REPORT: Cosgrove rules himself out in LD38

The man widely believed to be the NJGOP’s best candidate to retake the LD38 State Senate seat next fall isn’t interested, Save Jerseyans. On Thursday, Daily Voice reported that popular Republican Mayor John Cosgrove of Fair Lawn is ruling himself our of Read More

POLL: Who is Central Bergen’s best GOP mayor?

By Matt Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog The freeholder contest will naturally get most of the attention, Save Jerseyans, but in Bergen County this fall, no less than 40 of the 70 towns in New Jersey’s most populous county Read More

LD38 dimensions of the Kyrillos/Gordon Revolt

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The defection of Joe Kyrillos and other significant New Jersey Republicans to Jeb Bush’s camp may be damaging to the presidential ambitions of our Governor, Save Jerseyans, but in an interesting way, it may Read More