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‘Supremely Political’ Update: Scalia Dismisses Roberts ObamaCare Intimidation Theory (VIDEO)

One of my favorite men in America (U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia) dropped in on yesterday’s Fox News Sunday broadcast to talk shop with host Chris Wallace. At one point, Wallace asked Justice Scalia whether President Obama’s notorious pre-Obamacare decision Read More

Lobo Doubles Down on ObamaCare “Tax” Narrative from House Floor (VIDEO)

It’s certainly going to feel like a tax, Save Jerseyans, even if Chief Justice John Roberts needed to rewrite Obamacare that way in order to save it. That’s a constitutional discussion (which we’ve continued to have here at Save Jersey). For Read More

Supremely Political: Did Roberts Pen BOTH Opinions?

The ObamaCare backstory gets worse all the time, Save Jerseyans. We can never really know what happened in chambers. That said, emerging anonymous accounts seem to comport with what we can plainly observe about this repugnant capitulation to unconstitutional, unrestrained Read More

@MattRooneyNJ: “We’re Right Back in the Position We Were Before 1776” (VIDEO)

Matt Rooney and I don’t agree 100% on Chief Justice Robert’s Affordable Care Act decision, Save Jerseyans, but he certainly found a receptive audience yesterday afternoon in Philadelphia, PA. Matt participated in a Fourth of July “Celebrate American Exceptionalism” hosted Read More

Get Ready for Mandatory Gym Membership, America!

Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts’s ObamaCare decision, Save Jerseyans, it may no longer matter how broadly the Commerce Clause is construed by jurists, scholars and legislators. As of last Thursday, the U.S. Congress can regulate interstate commerce by imposing “taxes” Read More

Will Roberts Remain on Romney’s Website?

Don’t take it personally, Mitt, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the irony here. Governor Romney’s campaign policy page (like many Republican candidates’ websites over the past few years) reports his determination to “nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas, Read More