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Lawyer: Corzine was ‘mastermind’ behind MF Global’s collapse

TRENTON — Former Gov. Jon Corzine was blasted as the “mastermind” behind MF Global Holdings Ltd.’s collapse inside a Manhattan federal courtroom on Tuesday, according to published reports. A lawyer representing the accounting firm PwC in a $3 billion trial Read More

TRUMPED: Recalling the Donald’s decisive role behind New Jersey’s toll hikes

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog If you enjoy Donald Trump because he isn’t politically correct then more power to you, Save Jerseyans. Making fun of the handicap and U.S. prisoners of war is actually more cruel than un-PC Read More

Why I’d Never Back Tom Wolf

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog We’ve got our own spring elections to worry about both tomorrow (May 13th) and June 3rd, Save Jerseyans, but some of you might be following the pitched Democrat gubernatorial primary battle across the Delaware in Pennsylvania. Read More

Is Corzine Off the Hook?

Apparently the Wall Street Wizard’s cape is made of teflon? The New York Times is reporting that we’re very unlikely to see criminal charges brought against former New Jersey Governor Jon “M-F’n Global” Corzine following his international brokerage firm’s epic collapse. Whether any laws were Read More

Dreamworks-Backed Super PAC Takes Page from Corzine’s Losing Playbook

When Jon “MF’n Global” Corzine accused Chris Christie of championing breast cancer in August 2009, Save Jerseyans, I noted how “Jon Corzine proves that money can’t buy class.” Well, apparently the hundreds of thousands of dollars bundled by Corzine for President Read More