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Kean Crafts Bill to Place Pay-to-Play Restrictions on Big Labor

Our friend and State Senate GOP Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R-Union) is introducing legislation that would, in his office’s words, “apply the same restrictions on campaign contributions and activity that currently exist for other government service providers to labor unions under contract, Read More

Save Jersey Debriefs Occupy Wall Street (Part Three)

Here’s Part Three of the interview conducted by Save Jersey’s Joshua Einstein with Benjamin Case of “Organization for a Free Society,” a proponent of so-called social justice ideology who is closely aligned with the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. Don’t miss Part One or Part Two of Read More

New Legislation Would Prevent Unions From Receiving Employee Info

One of the things that really irks me about the union election process(other than the fact we have union elections at all) is the “Excelsior list” which allows unions to obtain employee’s personal info including their names and addresses. This Read More

For New Jersey’s Unions, It’s a Scalp or Irrelevance on November 8th

A few legislative seats may change hands on November 8th, Save Jerseyans, but neither political party risks being labeled irrelevant on November 9th. There just aren’t enough competitive races for such a thing to happen. Thank you, Alan Rosenthal. But Read More