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N.J. Government: Worse than the mob not just in terms of scale, but also ’cause it’s all perfectly legal

When N.J. Senate Democrats quietly rammed through legislation this week awarding a VERY small group of elected officials reentry into New Jersey’s weakest-in-the-country pension system, Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) offered little more than a verbal shrug. “If you tell Read More

Conservatives Look for Lower Premiums in Senate’s Revised Health Care Bill

The Senate’s Republican leadership released a revised health care bill Thursday afternoon, a move welcomed by House conservatives even as they were reluctant to comment before digesting it. “We are going to withhold judgment,” Mark Meadows, chairman of the House Read More

Comparing the N.J. Legislature’s Competing Marijuana Legalization Bills

Confused about the two competing recreational marijuana legalization bills? And what they’d accomplish? We’ll provide more analysis as the debate rages (leading up to an inevitable Christie veto), but in the interim, our friend and past guest contributor Charlie Barr Read More

Op-Ed: It’s time for members of Congress to take action, not brag about inaction

It is a challenging time for our country. We are divided politically and a great many Americans have genuine concerns about the future. I get that and respect it. Representing a congressional district that twice voted for President Obama in Read More

N.J. Democrat Senator Reveals Her Governing Philosophy: “Anything is Constitutional”

Every now and then, Save Jerseyans, a far-left politician says something so wacky and revealing that it’s worth pausing to take note for the benefit of everyone in the political center. They need to know WHO these people are. Enter Loretta Read More