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Star Ledger still carrying Hillary Clinton’s water

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog Leave it to The Star-Ledger to slavishly carry water for Hillary Clinton, no matter how fetid or stagnant it is.  Your supply of five-gallon buckets must have been exhausted by an Read More

A New Rule for the Old Media: Scandals Are Only Worth Reporting When They Involve Republicans and Sex!

Today The Courier-Post ran another story on Medford Mayor Chris Myers and his alleged, not-so-discrete rendezvous with a gay escort. Is it newsworthy? Absolutely. The press has photographs of what looks like the Mayor in a compromising position (pun intended), Read More

Tom Kean’s Tax Logic Isn’t “Half True”; The Star-Ledger is 100% Biased!

Even in these extremely lean economic times, Save Jerseyans, New Jersey still has a few things in great abundance: blueberries, beaches, pizzerias, roads, and liberal media bias. We cover incidents of bias regularly here at Save Jersey. Ironically, we’re finding examples Read More

Star-Ledger Calls Blogger “Assassin” and “Bully” for Exposing Pervert Democrat

The ultra-liberal New Jersey Star-Ledger is at it again, Save Jerseyans. Two weeks ago, when South Jersey Blogger Carl Johnson unveiled perverted, Anthony Weiner-esque photos of Cumberland Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu (D), I noted how the media seemed to focus Read More

FAT ATTACK REDUX: LA Times Explores “Link” Between Christie’s Waist and Asthma

The American Left’s leading liberal icons of the 21st Century – FDR and JFK – both suffered from severe physical maladies that the press willfully overlooked. Hell, the mainstream media doesn’t even care when Bill Clinton admitted to rolling doobies Read More

Loretta Weinberg has “Taken the Bat Out” Against Taxpayers, Political Opponents for Years

I’ve been reading excited coverage throughout the weekend of Governor Christie’s “take out the bat” comment. Now the Trenton Democrats want an apology. You’ve got to be kidding me, right? If anyone should be apologizing, it’s Loretta Weinberg. Like Governor Read More