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VIDEO: Eric Holder Advocated Anti-Gun Brainwashing in 1995

Then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder addressed the Woman’s Nation Democrat Club back in 1995. C-SPAN picked it up and now, like most things, it’s resurfaced through the magic of YouTube. Mr. Holder’s topic that day? How to “brainwash” children into hating Read More

Democrat State Senator FINALLY Admits On Tape: “I Like to Spend Money”

Everyone knows liberal Democrat politicians LOVE spending taxpayers’ money. But the real treat, Save Jerseyans, is when you can catch a liberal elected official on tape ADMITTING IT. Much like observing an exotic endangered species subsisting in its natural habitat, Read More

HEAD SCRATCHER: Pallone Touts Social Security “Success Story?”

There’s reality, Save Jerseyans, and then there’s whatever is going on in Frank Pallone’s head. Imagine The Wizard of Oz meets Das Kapital… capped with a fro. This latest product of Pallone’s imagination may take the cake. Mega-kudos to our Read More

New ‘Occupy Movement’ is the Old Liberal Coalition Repackaged

Save Jersey will gladly contribute blankets, hemp rope necklaces, incense burners, Phish CDs, or whatever else the ‘Occupy’ Wall Streeters need to transport their disheveled comrades to the 2012 Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, NC next August. It will be Read More

Fat Ladies On ‘The View’ Make Fun of Chris Christie’s Fat?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Save Jerseyans! Specifically, yesterday’s episode of ABC’s ‘The View’ featured three fat pots (Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sherri Shepherd) making fun of Governor Chris Christie’s waistline, all while an old pot Read More