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Romney Defeats Rick Santorum/Lib Media/Talk Radio/Labor Unions/National Dems in Michigan Primary

Mitt Romney won BIG last night against the odds, Save Jerseyans. Yes, he has more money and better organization than his primary opponents. We’ve the heard the refrain. But the “establishment” working against him up there is far more formidable Read More

Romney Romps in Arizona, Michigan

UPDATE (12:09 a.m.) It’s over: Fox News called Michigan for Mitt Romney. He probably won 46-50 delegates up there tonight; Santorum won’t walk away with more than 4. Officially, Romney is now up by approximately 32,000 votes with over 93% reporting.  Read More

We’re Used to Dirty Robocalls in New Jersey

Michigan voters are heading to the polls today, Save Jerseyans. They’re also receiving a ton of last minute “robocalls” in their voicemails boxes. We all know what that’s like! They’re always annoying, but some Michigan robocalls have been controversial, too; allegedly, a Read More

Santorum is Right: College Isn’t the Answer for Everyone!

The real “devil” is in the details of our educational system, Save Jerseyans, and Rick Santorum is on his tail. Senator Santorum is getting a lot of grief today for challenging a sacred cow of our society: the contemporary notion that Read More

New Polling Round-Up: Romney Now Leads Obama Nationally; Ahead of Santorum in New Jersey

Mitt Romney is in for nail-biter next week in Michigan, Save Jerseyans, but his position nationally appears to be improving. For now. Romney now leads President Obama, 50% to 46%, in Gallup’s latest survey. Rick Santorum narrowly trails Obama by 1-point Read More