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Bloomberg’s Ludicrous Booker Ad

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Mayor Michael Bloomberg (D-NYC) must take Rick Shaftan’s polling a little more seriously than our new friend Stu Rothenberg, Save Jerseyans. His PAC is launching a major $1 million television ad buy in support of Read More

Another Lie from Frank Pallone

By Ernesto Cullari | Garden State Liberty Congressman Frank Pallone, the self-described author of Obamacare, along with his fraternity of political elitists, despite fierce opposition from a plurality of voters, hoisted the burden of Obamacare onto the shoulders of the American family. It Read More

Trenton’s Born Again Budget Hawks

N.J. Democrats Complaining About Special Election Costs are Casting Rocks in a Glass House By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Trenton Democrats (and a few conservatives, mostly from elsewhere in the country) are continuing to gripe about the projected $24 million Read More

Assemblyman Schroeder Indicted

REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP CALLS FOR SCHROEDER’S RESIGNATION AFTER ACCUSATIONS THAT HE WROTE $3.4M IN BAD CHECKS After having been accused of running a “check kiting” scheme in August, Save Jerseyans, Assemblyman Bob Schroeder (R-Bergen) was indicted today on three criminal counts; Schroeder Read More

Obama Raises $1 Million in First 90 Minutes After Gay Marriage Flip-Flop

When presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney changes his mind, Save Jerseyans, he is castigated over the airwaves as a dishonest “flip-flopper.” After liberal boogeyman Dick Cheney declared he personally supports gay marriage but believes it should remain a state-by-state determination, the Read More