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SCOTUS deals defeat to Morris County’s historic preservation fund program

MORRISTOWN, N.J. — Morris County government’s effort to continue distributing historic preservation funds to religious buildings has hit a U.S. Supreme Court brick wall. On Monday, writing for the High Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh appeared to express some sympathy for Read More

Sette celebrates retirement from Morris County’s Board of Elections

It’s the end of an era in North Jersey’s most populous Republican stronghold, Save Jerseyans. Morris Republicans gathered on Wednesday to honor their long-time chairman, John Sette, as he steps aside as a member of the Morris County Board of Read More

N.J. churches will get public funding, despite lawsuit, report says

MORRISTOWN — The Morris County freeholders have started doling out historic trust fund grants to religious institutions, despite a lawsuit to stop the awards, a report says. The governing body last week approved grants for 12 applicants, including four religious Read More

Digging Into Christie’s Past Begins

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog You could hold out your hat and catch 15 Christie-related political stories over the past week, Save Jerseyans. Some are insightful. Others? Not so much. Wednesday’s Scott Conroy and Adam O’Neal piece over at RCP is the Read More

Morris County Freeholder Removed from Office by Appellate Court

Thought the drama surrounding the Morris County GOP Freeholder candidates ended with the last court case? Think again! Today the Appellate Division reversed the previous decision that voided Hank Lyons’ upset victory over Margaret Nordstrom and caused a last minute Read More

BREAKING: Nordstrom Tops Lyon, 213 to 208, in Tight Morris GOP Convention Floor Vote

Margaret Nordstrom WILL be the Morris County GOP’s endorsed candidate this November, Save Jerseyans, but challenger William “Hank” Lyon sure put up a fight to the end. Save Jersey is the first to report that Nordstrom’s victory was announced around Read More