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Christie suspended MVC online convenience fees. Murphy’s crew just brought them back.

TRENTON, N.J. – Chris Christie took decisive action to reform New Jersey’s notorious Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC, formally the “DMV”). One capital idea? Suspending online renewal fees effective October 2016 to help shorten lines at MVC locations. The suspension is Read More

Murphy politicizes the MVC (like he did to the AG’s office)

By Matt Rooney _ It’s one thing for agencies and departments under the executive branch’s purview to enact the governor’s policies, Save Jerseyans. That’s generally uncontroversial! It’s another thing altogether for civil servants to spend their time (and our money!!) Read More

O’Scanlon Introduces Legislation To Protect NJ Motorists From Other States’ Traffic Camera Schemes | Gallagher

By Art Gallagher _ New Jersey MVC will no longer be provide information about resident motorist to companies that operate red-light and speed cameras for other states, if bipartisan legislation introduced by Senators Declan O’Scanlon, Nick Sacco, Nicolas Scutari becomes law. Read More

N.J. Senator: No safeguards in place to prevent illegal alien voter registration

TRENTON, N.J. — Renewed, contemporaneous pushes to (1) implement automatic voter registration at MVC locations and (2) give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants has at least one New Jersey legislator questioning whether there are any safeguards in place to prevent voter Read More

VIDEO: Christie announces major MVC overhaul

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Governor Chris Christie visited the Randolph, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) branch on Wednesday afternoon to announce an overhaul of the dreaded agency’s customer service procedures. “Providing excellent customer service at MVC and Read More

Christie vetoes Democrats’ half baked MVC, 17-year-old voter registration bills

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Governor Chris Christie turned back two separate measures with his veto pen on Thursday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, preventing Democrats from transforming voting in the Garden State. The first was A-3591/S-2116, the “New Voter Empowerment Read More

Tesla Wants Special Treatment

The problem is, they’ve already gotten special treatment By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com Tesla Motors, the manufacturer and retailer of electric powered cars, boasts on its website that it is “redefining the way cars are sold.” They’ve been selling new cars in an Read More

Trenton Tells Tesla to Fugetaboutit

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Christie Administration appointees are telling the Tesla Motors to fugetaboutit, Save Jerseyans, and in this blogger’s humble opinion, it’s a decision that’s symptomatic of everything wrong with modern America government. Long story short, the New Jersey Read More