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Feds Own 3.1% of New Jersey

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The positive end to a potentially explosive Nevada cattle ranch standoff has brought about a renewed focus on federal power generally but also, specifically, the federal government’s land ownership. Uncle Sam’s vast holdings put the Read More

Christie Heads to Vegas for RGA Meeting

Governor Christie Christie is headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual Republican Governors Association (RGA) meeting; he plans to return to New Jersey Thursday evening.  Christie is a leader in the RGA; in fact, GOP gubernatorial gains stood alone on an Election 2012 evening when Read More

McGovern’s Electoral Map Final Prediction

The big day has finally come. After over a year of campaigning, billions spent, and tensions running high on both sides of the aisle, Election Day 2012 is but a mere sunrise away. No matter what happens tomorrow, I think Read More

Christie Draws 40x Bigger Crowd in Virginia than Fluke in Nevada (VIDEO)

Governor Chris Christie rallied a ticked crowd of 400 Romney supporters in Virginia on Friday evening. Epic stump: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irskuZ-I3bI Meanwhile, out in Reno, Nevada, Obama surrogate Sandra Fluke drew just 10 people to an early voting “rally” on Saturday morning. Read More

Save Jersey Electoral College Projection (10/19/12): ROMNEY 257, OBAMA 237

Only 17 days left to go before Election Day 2012, Save Jerseyans. Polling traditionally becomes more reliable as the big vote draws near, so it’s time to start charting the battle for control of the Electoral College on a more Read More