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More Confirmation that Shelley Adler is Losing in NJ-3. Badly.

After New Jersey’s congressional redistricting commission made its decision last year, former Democrat Speaker Joe Roberts complained that the popular narrative of a competitive NJ-3 was, in fact, “a work of fiction.” Well, Save Jerseyans, it looks like Joe was right. Read More

Adler Supports Obama’s Medicare Cuts… But Not Paul Ryan’s?

The greatest part about running a principled, courageous conservative like Paul Ryan for national office? Democrats freak out and reveal their true colors! Their lies, distortions and yes, stunning hypocrisy. A notable hypocrite close to home? Shelley Adler, the Democrat Read More

Runyan Launches First Reelect TV Ad: “He Gets It”

I’m very sorry to be the bearer of bad news, children of summer! The surest sign that your Blogger-in-Chief’s favorite season is on the way — autumn — is the arrival of general election television advertisements. Exciting, right??? This new 30-second positive spot (posted below) is Read More

Kyrillos, Runyan Team Up in Vote-Rich Ocean County

Acrobats. Vendors. Music. Food. And politics. This is an election cycle, Save Jerseyans! So U.S. Senate hopeful Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) and U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan (R-Burlington) teamed up to canvass the annual Ocean County Fair presently underway at Robert J. Read More

Shelley Adler Doesn’t Live in NJ-3. And Guess What? Neither Do Her Donors…

Democrat Shelley Adler (NJ-3) (NJ-1) isn’t fooling anyone with her less-than-impressive fundraising numbers, Save Jerseyans. Least of all your Blogger-in-Chief. I suspect she’s actually depressing more folks than anything else! And they’re all on her side of the aisle. That’s Read More

Shelley Adler Begins Campaign Against Runyan in NJ3…Where She Doesn’t Live

Today Shelley Adler, widow of former Congressman John Adler, kicked off her campaign for congress in the 3rd congressional district, where she most certainly does not live. In full disclosure, this is not a Carl Lewis or Gabby Mosquera problem. Read More