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POLL: Would Trump picking Christie impact your position on the Donald?

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Word is spreading the unsurprising news: the presumptive Republican nominee may tease him regularly, but Chris Christie is reportedly a (serious) contender to serve as Donald Trump’s 2016 running mate…. Trump VP short Read More

REPORT: Lonegan is behind new attempt to beat Trump in Cleveland

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog While Governor Chris Christie remains one of Donald Trump‘s key backers, another relatively well-known New Jersey Republican is reportedly behind a fresh last-ditch effort to dislodge the presumptive GOP nominee at the Read More

Trump clinches GOP nomination

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog While the GOP once appeared headed for a contentious July convention battle in Cleveland, Ohio, Save Jerseyans, that potentially dramatic process is no long numerically possible. Republican Donald Trump reportedly reached the Read More

Can We Survive Trump? Take A Look At History…

By Dan Cirucci | via Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot When a friend told me that Donald Trump was not qualified to be president because he had a “personality disorder,” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Yeah, The Donald is a near-hopeless narcissist. Read More

New Jersey poised to decide if Trump wins the GOP nomination

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The final vote tallies are still being tabulated, Save Jerseyans, but any way you slice it Donald Trump still had a yuuuge (sigh) night on Tuesday. 1,237 delegates by the July convention Read More

POLL: Who’s your top choice for 2016 (September edition)

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog The Donald continues to lead all public polling with four months to go before Republican primary voters and caucus-goers start weighing in, Save Jerseyans, and as much as the talking heads are fond Read More

What the hell happened to Jeb Bush?

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot Here’s a guy who was supposed to be the immediate frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination. He started with instant name-recognition, certified establishment backing, a sense of the heir apparent, an admittedly great record as Read More