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Post-failed override, Bramnick’s caucus pitches broader mental health expungement bill

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog After Assembly Democrats failed to complete the Senate-initiated override of Governor Chris Christie‘s veto of S2360, Save Jerseyans, their Republican colleagues are dropping what they described as a simplified version of prior proposals to streamline Read More

VIDEO: Carroll stumps Dems as Christie override attempt fails in Assembly

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Assembly Democrats failed to aid their Senate colleagues by overriding Governor Chris Christie‘s veto of S2360 on Thursday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, with only 51 voting in favor of the override while 17 registered against and 11 Read More

Rooney talks override vote on NJ 101.5: “Attacking gun owners is like cat nip”

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog The morning after Steve Sweeney led a politically-motivated override of Governor Christie’s gun bill veto, Save Jerseyans, our Blogger-in-Chief and favorite Garden State attorney Matt Rooney returned to NJ 101.5 for Friday morning drive time to name Read More

Override vote signals new assault on N.J. privacy rights

By Rich Pezzullo | The Save Jersey Blog Now that the New Jersey Senate has voted to reverse Governor Christie’s attempt to protect the privacy of New Jersey citizens seeking medical treatment, we need to contemplate the impact on the superseding Federal Read More

Senate votes to override Christie’s gun bill veto

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Sweeney and Christie are both running for higher office, Save Jerseyans, but Chris Christie just happens to be right on the substance of this 100% politically-motivated gun control debate. I explained it Read More

VIDEO: Christie thanks Trenton Democrats for his favorite campaign talking point

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Governor Chris Christie isn’t accepting many in-state speaking invitations these days, Save Jerseyans, but when he does, they’re always good for some pull quotes. Monday morning’s address to the Commerce and Industry Association Read More

UPDATE: Dems fail to override Christie’s gun bill veto

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Updated 6:27 p.m. Well that was a waste of time. As predicted. On Thursday afternoon, the New Jersey State Senate failed to override Governor Chris Christie’s veto of a gun control bill (S2360) Read More

Override attempt translated: Sweeney plays politics by accusing Christie of playing politics

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Here we go again, Save Jerseyans. After Governor Chris Christie conditionally vetoed yet another goofy gun control bill (S2360) back in August, this one designed to inject government in the process of scrubbing medical Read More

Newly-Rebellious Kyrillos takes on the Port Authority

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog It’s no secret that Governor Christie’s relationship with Republican legislators isn’t what it used to be, Save Jerseyans. So much so, that I’m told there was recently a meeting between the Governor Read More