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Domestic Spying Comes to NJ Schools

Sociological Strip Search Bill Passes Assembly, Scheduled For Senate Vote Today By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com New Jersey Public Schools are on the verge of becoming part of the government’s domestic spying apparatus.  If the NSA misses something while going through your phone Read More

The Crusader For Parental Advisories

OPINION: Parent Advisories and Age Restrictions on Violent Video Games Don’t Violate the First Amendment By Kristen Luciani | The Save Jersey Blog I can still remember seeing the chilling photos of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on the news after they opened fire Read More

Stop “Sociological Strip Search” Bill

Let Your Voice Be Heard on New Jersey’s “Sociological Strip Search” Bill By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com As we reported on Monday , the Assembly Education Committee approved a bill , A2421, that amends a 2001 law regarding surveys that schools can have students participate in.  Read More