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Booker accuses Trump of lacking an Iran plan; what’s his? | Rooney

By Matt Rooney _ The U.S. just took out Iran’s most powerful and notorious military commander, Save Jerseyans, one who was a notorious supporter of terrorism and long-time American foe. Things are heating up (again) after a series of Iranian Read More

TK2 says Murphy’s new healthcare savings are “modest,” pushes for larger overhaul

TRENTON, N.J. — Governor Phil Murphy and the public sector unions were crowing a bit on Monday after announcing modest reforms to the public employee health care system, changes expected to generate somewhere around $500 million in savings over two Read More

Living in New Jersey? Upset by the GOP tax plan? Forget what you think you know.

Save Jerseyans: I know there is consternation in New Jersey over the proposed Republican tax plan (the numerous versions of which will eventually go through a reconciliation process). While I think the tax plan is far from perfect, it’s a Read More

N.J. can blame itself (and no one else) for any ugly Trump tax overhaul consequences

Well, the general framework of Donald Trump’s tax plan dropped on Wednesday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, and to borrow a Trumpian vocabulary favorite, it’s “yuge.” Assuming of course the hapless GOP can make some version of the plan to slash corporate Read More

Donald Trump touts tax reform plan as boon for middle class

President Trump is doing everything he can to make sure his tax reform plan avoids the headaches suffered trying to repeal Obamacare, starting with muscling support from key Democrats to pad the margin of victory in Congress. From promoting the Read More

Phil Murphy’s latest pension funding plan? It sounds a bit like Christie’s.

NEWARK — Democratic candidate for governor Phil Murphy said Monday that he would increase the state’s annual payments to public worker pensions well above those made by Gov. Chris Christie, but was vague about how much more he’d spend, and Read More