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Planned Parenthood Arms Spend Over $38 Million to Elect Democrats

In the past three election cycles, Planned Parenthood’s advocacy and political arms, employees, and their families have spent over $38 million to elect or defeat candidates for federal office who decide how much taxpayers subsidize the nation’s largest abortion provider. Read More

N.J. GOP Senators condemn “racist, bigot, segregationist” Margaret Sanger

Planned Parenthood is 100 years old, Save Jerseyans, and N.J. Democrats sought a unanimous legislative resolution congratulating the nation’s top abortion provider. A group of veteran Republican state senators were having none of it. “We cannot ignore the fact that Read More

Fact-checking 5 claims from Christie’s debate

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Let’s make this simple, Save Jerseyans…. (1) Concealed Carry expansion? Technically true.  While it’s true that Governor Christie openly opposed national reciprocity for concealed carry permits back in 2011, more recently, he approved Read More

‘Anti-Abortion terrorism’ is a top concern for N.J.-based Jewish group

By Alyssa LaFage | The Save Jersey Blog The Jewish community is sadly all too familiar with various forms of terrorism. Unfortunately, not every group which claims to speak for the community has its priorities in order. The left-wing Essex Read More

Coleman says end Planned Parenthood investigation. Why? Donations!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D, NJ-12), a notorious demagogue and hypocrite in the realm of gun crime, says its time to end the special committee convened to investigate Planned Parenthood, Save Jerseyans, in the Read More

N.J. Assemblyman wants stricter penalties for selling baby parts (and sneaky abortion doctors)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Assemblyman Ron Dancer (R-12), who like any sane person has been HORRIFIED by the release of eight (and counting) undercover Planned Parenthood videos, is proposing two pieces of legislation to combat that organization’s Read More