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Why Does It Take a 6-Year Old Being Shot to Get Real About Newark Violence?

Over the weekend, Save Jerseyans, no less than three separate shootings took place in Newark that cumulatively landed eight victims in the hospital. One of the victims is an innocent 6 year old boy who was shot on Saturday at Read More

N.J.’s poverty rate takes on water while Atlantic City drowns, Census shows

The struggles of Atlantic City are well documented. Casino closures. The threat of bankruptcy. The recent state takeover. But while much has been made about the pain being felt by the city and its most famous commercial tenants, new data Read More

Why Native-Americans are so poor

Tomorrow, as you celebrate the meal the Pilgrims ate with Indians, pause a moment to thank private property. I know that seems weird, but before that first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims nearly starved to death because they didn’t respect private property. Read More

Cobb: LBJ “Destroyed” Black Families

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog It’s a true and awful shame that Garry Cobb isn’t getting more (defined as “any”) help from the powers-that-be, Save Jerseyans, because the former Philadelphia Eagle and current NJ-01 Republican nominee has a Read More