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How The Titans May Rock The GOP Landscape

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot Let’s talk about the Republican presidential race, shall we? After all, there’s very little point in talking about the Democrat race. That’s pretty much all Hillary Clinton all the time. Zzzzzz . . . . Read More

Counting the Christie Octopus’s Tentacles

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog No one can rule Chris Christie out for 2016, Save Jerseyans. Not yet. He’s a talented politician, he can raise big money and, least discussed of all favorable factors but arguably among the most critical, the embattled Read More

UH-O: Romney Takes 2-Point National Lead Over Obama; Pulls Ahead in Colorado

This is going to make a lot of your happy, Save Jerseyans. Very happy. Scott Rasmussen’s 10/6/12 daily tracking poll puts Mitt Romney 2-points ahead of Barack Obama, 49% to 47%, for the first time since early September. Significantly, Rasmussen Read More

This One’s Worse Than the Last One

Do you smell that, Save Jerseyans? It’s the nauseating stench of more cooked national polls in President Obama’s favor! On Wednesday, I examined the latest Ipsos/Reuters poll that significantly oversampled Democrats; in fact, the Ipsos folks inexplicably assumed Democrats would out-vote Republicans Read More