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Leading N.J. pro-life group endorses five GOP congressional candidates

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Right to Life (NJRTL), New Jersey’s leading pro-life organization, released endorsements for five house candidates in Tuesday’s midterm elections on Sunday evening. The group also endorsed a handful of candidates running for state and local Read More

Guest Post: The Fallacy of the Pro-Life Amendment

Cross Posted at More Monmouth Musings as “The Bullshit of the Abortion Debate” by Art Gallagher Congressman Todd Akin’s asinine comments about ”legitimate rape,” pregnancy and abortion have knocked medicare and the economy off center stage in the political debate, at least temporarily. Read More

Romney Already Disqualified Condi

Back in 2008, Save Jerseyans, Dr. Condoleezza Rice told a Washington Times interviewer that “I myself am someone who believes strongly in parental notification. […] I’m against late-term abortion, which is, I think, really very cruel.” Not very controversial, right? The catch? She added “I Read More