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ROONEY: “Nothing’s more important” than getting to the bottom of shocking NJEA videos

TRENTON, N.J. —  Save Jersey founder and editor-in-chief Matt Rooney joined the Chasing News A+ Panel on Monday to put a pending New Jersey State Senate investigation of the NJEA into perspective as shocking undercover videos released by Project Veritas continue to generate controversy Read More

O’Keefe Uncovers Shovel Ready Hole Digging… and Filling… with Taxpayer Money

We’re getting a clear picture of how the President’s “job creation” operation works, Save Jerseyans… Step 1: Get you and your buddies elected with labor union money. Step 2: Send taxpayers’ stimulus cash overseas to foreign companies. Step 3: Invest billions more in “shovel ready” projects. Read More

O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN: Eric Holder’s Ballot Offered to Complete Stranger!

Last week I argued that it’s ridiculous to pass laws combating consumer identity theft but NOT voter identity theft, Save Jerseyans. This position is obviously not unique to me. It’s part of an ongoing national debate regarding voter identification laws ahead of the Read More