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How Much Money is “Enough” for Public Education?

Save Jersey was the first outlet to scold NJEA fat cat Vincent Giordano last week after he told poor kids “life isn’t fair” as it concerns their access to education opportunities. The NJEA responded in short order, predictably arguing that Read More

NJEA: Fat Cat Giordano Isn’t THAT Rich! Just a Little Rich…

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is working overtime to protect its embattled executive director, Vincent Giordano. You know… the guy who went on public television and told poor families stuck in bad public schools SORRY! “Life isn’t fair.” Their latest release Read More

Governor Christie Defines “Public Service” for Fair Lawn Teacher

Is it a pension? Is it an entitlement? Is it performed without ribbons? Does it come without tags? Can we expect young people to WANT to do it without receiving lavish packages, boxes, or bags?! Governor Christie’s answer, unsurprisingly, is Read More