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Brown, Evesham Council Get Behind Guadagno

Mayor Randy Brown (R-Evesham) and Evesham Township Council – Deputy Mayor Steven Zeuli, Councilwoman Debbie Hackman, Councilman Kenneth D’Andrea and Councilman Robert Dienna – are all getting on board with Kim Guadagno today, Save Jerseyans. “Evesham Township and Burlington County will Read More

Wednesday: Evesham’s GOP Mayor, Ravens kicking coach to launch PAC

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog For the second time this spring, Save Jerseyans, another New Jersey Republican is laying what looks like requisite groundwork to engage the state-wide political scene into 2017 and possibly beyond. Save Jersey Read More

Evesham’s Brown touts free Uber rides program on Fox Business

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Evesham Mayor Randy Brown, kicking coach for the Baltimore Ravens and rumored candidate for higher office, had a nice hit on Fox Business this week to discuss his township’s push to curb drunk driving by partnering Read More

Police Car Cameras Are Common Sense

By Mayor Randy Brown (R-Evesham) As an elected official I understand the cynicism that many residents harbor towards politicians. In many cases it is warranted and I share their frustration. Chris Rock has a classic skit where he essentially ridicules Read More

Gubernatorial Primary Straw Poll

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Just taking your temperature, Save Jerseyans… Which of these N.J. political figures would be your first choice, as of right now, to face Steve Sweeney/Steven Fulop, whoever, when Governor Christie moves on? Read More

CD3 Certainly Escalated Quickly

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog This time last month, Save Jerseyans, the 2014 landscape for New Jersey’s Third Congressional District seemed unremarkable. Jon Runyan looked like a shoe-in for a 3rd term in a redistricted CD3 without Cherry Hill. The Read More

The Post-Runyan NJ-03 Primary Landscape

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog There’s already one Democrat declaring for Jon Runyan’s soon-to-be-open NJ-03 House seat, Save Jerseyans. Who could blame them? Granted, 2011 redistricting took the heavily populated (and Democratic) Camden County township of Cherry Hill out of Read More