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At the end of year one? Trump is winning over this skeptic.

I began 2017 as an unapologetic Trump skeptic, Save Jerseyans. Since last January, this unlikeliest of all U.S. presidents has: (1) Repealed the Obamacare mandate  (2) Won the first major tax cut in three decades (3) Slashed job-killing regulations (4) Read More

President Trump: I Plan To ‘Cut Regulations By 75 Percent’

President Donald Trump doubled-down on his campaign promises to massively deregulate the economy at a press conference at the White House Monday morning. Trump said he would “cut regulations by 75 percent,” in a move that would drastically change the Read More

OBAMA’S LEGACY: 8 Years, 3,000 Regulations And 8 Trillion In Debt

President Obama’s time in the White House is ended, and after eight years, his administration has imposed more than 3,000 regulations and added nearly $8 trillion to the national debt. Obama started his presidency on a wave of optimism, working Read More

VIDEO: Trump announces TPP withdrawal, regulation rollbacks for his first day in office

A withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Rollbacks of job-killing, anti-energy independence regulations. A fresh look at enforcement of America’s immigration laws. It was all part of the 45th President of the United State’s sneak preview of his Day One Read More