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ROONEY to the Inky: South Jersey is tired of Trenton sticking coal in its stockings

Are New Jersey’s southernmost citizens getting the shaft? Following the release of a 22-page report by the Sen. Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs alleging an imbalance of a resources for South Jersey (even when controlled for variables including population), Save Jersey Blogger-in-Chief Read More

Election Day 2013 Open Thread

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Are you ready to reclaim the Statehouse today, Save Jerseyans? Today’s your chance to SAVE JERSEY for real. Don’t waste it. GO VOTE like your property taxes depended on it ’cause they do! Then after Read More

Christie Issues Preparations for Coordinated Response in Advance of Hurricane Sandy’s Arrival

Hurricane Sandy the “Frankenstorm” is still headed our way, Save Jerseyans. Yes, it’s slowing up and more likely to hit Monday/Tuesday as of this moment, but that only make this monster much stronger. Governor Chris Christie activated the State Emergency Read More