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The New Jerseyans Who Rebelled: Meet Abraham Clark

By Matt Rooney _ We’re going to honor each of New Jersey’s five signatories to the Declaration of Independence this year, Save Jerseyans, between now and the Fourth of July.  Why? These brave men aren’t as popular as they used Read More

Way Too Many Americans Think We Declared Independence From Mexico In 1776

Some Americans apparently believe that the U.S. declared its independence from Mexico in 1776, according to a poll released Tuesday. While 77 percent of the people surveyed correctly named Great Britain when asked which country the United States won its Read More

10 Days That Changed the World

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The first and most important Christmas miracle occurred approximately 2000 years ago today in the Middle East, Save Jerseyans. The second most critical? 1,776 years later smack-dab in the middle of North America’s Eastern Seaboard: Read More