2019 will see a renewed cap-and-trade push likely raise N.J. energy costs

TRENTON, N.J. — A northeastern “green” push will be a major albeit probably under-reported story line for 2019. New Jersey announced plans for a new CO2 emission cap right before Christmas, laying the groundwork to fully rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and Read More

Environmentalists concede N.J. Dems’ latest climate bills won’t help the climate

Phil Murphy is making moves that, if recent history is any guide, could make your electric bills a LOT more expensive in the near future, Save Jerseyans. Possibly by next winter if not sooner. Save Jersey warned you about this last Read More

Murphy finally focuses on actual N.J. citizens… and raises their electric bills!

By Matt Rooney _ Phil Murphy spent most of his first two weeks in office focused 100% on non-New Jerseyans as I’m sure you noticed, folks, rushing to a church to symbolically fight ICE and declaring his intention to spend Read More

I Hate Being Right About This

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Barack Obama may be blind to it, Save Jerseyans, but the world is re-learning a difficult lesson through his many blunders on the international stage, specifically, that peace is impossible except through strength. The domestic Read More

@GovChristie Vetoes RGGI Bill

Way back in May of this year, Save Jerseyans, the New Jersey Legislature passed A1998/S1322. Known as the “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative” (RGGI), this legislation would’ve committed New Jersey to a regional Cap & Trade program. Governor Christie previously pulled us out; the Read More

VIDEO: The Bogota Bomber Lowers Boom On Five Senate Democrats

Steve Lonegan often makes my blood boil, Save Jerseyans. He also does the “right” thing, quits scalping allegedly impure Republicans, and kicks some bad guy butt from time to time. We’ve learned that the Bogota Bomber, vis-à-vis his organization AFP-NJ, Read More