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June 6th isn’t really about November (and other pre-#njprimary observations)

Save Jersey won’t be issuing a formal endorsement in next week’s Republican gubernatorial primary. Regular readers can already guess the reason why (besides the fact that we ordinarily don’t). In my experience, campaign endorsements solidify predetermined positions and prejudices to the Read More

MDW ’17: Rullo criticizes Booker for visiting prisons instead of VA hospitals

Cory Booker (D-Twitter) is well known for his exploits on behalf of freezing dogs and drug addicts, Save Jerseyans, but what has he done for America’s military veterans lately? One of this year’s five Republican candidates for governor – social media Read More

The Property Tax Problem: Where Do Your GOP Candidates Stand?

There isn’t a single bigger problem facing New Jersey taxpayers than ever-skyrocketing property tax bills. Governor Chris Christie’s porous Cap 2.0 plan slowed the bleeding but, without additional reforms, ultimately failed to cure the patient. Where do this year’s possible Read More

SILLY SEASON? GOP Candidate Compares Lieutenant Governor to Kim Jong-un

N.J. GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Joseph “Joe” Rudy Rullo has been a colorful addition to this year’s 5-way primary contest, Save Jerseyans, accusing party leaders of rigging conventions and posting memes and videos infused with irreverent humor. His latest salvo? To quote Read More

POLL: The Conventions Are Over; Who’d Get Your Vote As Of Today?

Guadagno has 14 lines or slogans. Ciattarelli claims 7. Three more candidates – Rogers, Rullo and Singh – are hoping for an opening. Time to take your temperature again, Save Jerseyans: — The county conventions are over. If today was Read More

ICYMI: Middlesex Young Republicans’ Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

Four of the five GOP candidates for governor met in Metuchen last week for a wide-ranging discussion with Primary Day 2017 just under three months away…. The participants: Asm. Jack Ciattarelli, Nutley Commissioner Steven Rogers, social media activist Joe Rullo and Read More