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Chris Christie and Bill Brown Have Some History

UPDATE (1:00 p.m. 3/10/12): Click here to watch video of the full exchange. You may’ve heard about Governor Christie’s “shouting match” with a “former Navy Seal” yesterday afternoon in Roebling, New Jersey. It was all over the news last night. The Governor Read More

Save Rutgers: Governor Christie Sets July 1 Deadline But What Does That Mean?

On Tuesday, Governor Christie announced an arbitrary deadline for the implementation of the UMDNJ Advisory Commission’s plans for higher education in New Jersey. The plan will be set into motion and key components of UMDNJ and Rutgers University will be Read More

Weinberg Condemns Sweeney Online; Now How About in Real Life, Too?

State Senator Loretta Weinberg left a self-described “snarky” post on Blue Jersey late last night in defense of NJEA fat cat Vincent Giordano. Her lame point? That Mr. Giordano’s critics should condemn Mr. Romney, too, for his often-misquoted “poor/rich people” comments. Whatever… it’s her Read More

Save Rutgers: How the Merger Could Happen and How It Might Be Stopped

Many people have questions about the Rutgers/Rowan merger plan, and that is understandable given the complexity of the issue. The process by which such a plan would have to take place is not a simple one; the concept alone is Read More

Save Rutgers: Rutgers-Camden Faculty Writes to the Board of Governors and Trustees on Merger

The plan to merge Rutgers-Camden and Rowan can theoretically only go through with approval from the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees. Last night, the faculty of Rutgers Law in Camden sent a letter (which I received via email) Read More

R.I.P. Rutgers Camden

I’m feeling blue this morning staring at the juris doctorate degree hanging on my office wall, Save Jerseyans. It was awarded after a lot of hard work by the “Rutgers Camden School of Law.” Not Rutgers New Brunswick or Newark. Read More