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Election 2017 in a Nutshell? It’s Murphy, Barchi and the Millionaires Versus Deplorable N.J.

New Jersey’s Election 2017 is going to be remembered for a lot of reasons, Save Jerseyans, but none more so than the simple fact that the battle lines are so painfully clear. This will be an “us versus them” election Read More

Here’s how much Rutgers paid for Obama’s commencement visit

NEW BRUNSWICK — A visit from the President of the United States doesn’t come cheap. Rutgers University spent nearly $1.43 million on its commencement ceremony headlined by President Barack Obama last spring, according to a final accounting by the state Read More

UPDATE: Rutgers President Openly Lobbies for Illegal Immigrants

Do you remember, back in December, when Rutgers President Robert Barchi indicated his openness to a university-wide “sanctuary campus,” Save Jerseyans, where illegal immigrants could work/learn/hang out without fear of federal action? Well, on Tuesday, Barchi took it to the Read More

ROONEY RANTS: Rutgers should think long, hard before going the ‘Sanctuary Campus’ route

While you were Christmasing at the end of last week, Save Jerseyans, our friends at Rutgers University were striking another blow for progressivism. It came in the form of University President Robert Barchi responding to reports/speculation/fears/hysteria related to President-elect Donald Trump’s Read More

Rutgers favors the long-dead over its loan-battered living

Yes, we routinely give Rutgers University’s administration a healthy dose of grief here at Save Jersey. Don’t feel bad; it’s all well deserved. Taking hundreds of millions of dollars in tax dollars to transform a legendary, historic institution into a Read More

Rutgers offers counseling for Trump traumatized students

Here they go again, Save Jerseyans. Rutgers University, one of our nation’s most far-left institutions of higher (mis)education, is continuing its disturbing modern tradition of protecting one viewpoint (and shutting down dissent) in the wake of last week’s historic presidential Read More

Daily Targum, Rutgers student newspaper, fires columnist for attempting to write ‘illegal immigrant’

The campus newspaper at Rutgers University fired a student columnist after he confronted editors who would not let him use the phrase “illegal immigrant” in a piece about illegal immigration. The term does not actually appear in the final Daily Read More

Project Veritas drops new video allegedly starring Emeritus RU professor disparaging black voters

In another potential embarrassment for the Clinton campaign, a new video allegedly featuring an emeritus Rutgers University professor comparing Republican black voters to Nazis caused a stir on the Internet this Wednesday afternoon. The undercover video produced by Project Veritas Action (PVA), brainchild of controversial Rutgers Read More