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Save Rutgers: Bill Hits Budget Committee, Amendments Being Added, Lautenberg Reemerges

Today is June 25th, we are officially 6 days away from the supposed deadline for the Rutgers Camden Rowan Merger deal to be signed into law. Over the last six months this plan has faced tremendous hurdles, and to be Read More

Save Rutgers: An Honest Analysis of the Rut-Row Bill

No need for introductions on this post, Save Jerseyans. If you have been following the wild ride that has been the Rut-Row merger, you know what is going on. The first official draft of the Senate bill to “restructure” higher Read More

Save Rutgers: Not Meeting the July 1 Deadline… Unless Lightning Strikes Sweeney Again?

A bit of good news for the anti-merger crowd coming off of what I hope was a relaxing and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. We here at Save Jersey have been saying it for literally months, but now the rest of Read More

Save Rutgers: Could Rob Andrews Be the Next Rowan President?

As we wait for the written draft of the bill that will eventually reorganize higher education in New Jersey yet again, I thought some fun speculation might be in order. Over the last few months I have been seeing more Read More