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Regardless of what happens next Tuesday? “History” is unlikely. | Rooney

By Matt Rooney _ The “one week out” mark is a good time for a deep breath and some much needed perspective, Save Jerseyans. Let’s review: Democrats gained 26 U.S. House seats in 1982, Ronald Reagan’s first midterm; the economy Read More

2018 isn’t looking great for the GOP, but a ‘historic’ Dem win? Not so much.

By Matt Rooney _ Count me among those who is skeptical of a “blue wave” crashing on America’s shorelines this November, Save Jerseyans. Click here for a more developed rant on the topic. But regardless of what happens at the Read More

It’s a fact: the Democrat Party is in decline!

By Dan Cirucci | via Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot Netroots Nation (a leading liberal “progressive” group has sounded the alarm. They’re worried — really worried because the Democrat Party is in decline throughout the nation. Democrats are losing offices and elections at record Read More

The Under-Discussed Democrat Empty Bench Crisis

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog At least until the email fiasco, Save Jerseyans, almost everyone talked about Hillary Clinton as inevitable in 2016. In the clear light of day, one can’t help but wonder if that attitude Read More

The Christie Legacy (NJ Edition)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog I was in a sentimental mood preparing for Election Day, Save Jerseyans, so I took an election eve look back at my April 2009 interview with then-gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie shortly before the Atlantic County Read More