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The Secretive, Taxpayer-Financed Settlement Fund Used by Lawmakers Accused of Sexual Harassment

Staffers who are the targets of unwanted sexual advances on Capitol Hill should not have to endure a lengthy mediation process and pay the legal bills as lawmakers secretly draw on a mysterious slush fund to settle the accusations against Read More

LISTEN: Rooney rebuts Lesniak’s Exxon settlement attacks on NJ 101.5

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog In case you missed it, Save Jerseyans, our intrepid Blogger-in-Chief and favorite Garden State attorney Matt Rooney joined Bill Spadea on NJ 101.5 this Thursday morning during drive time. He called in to rebut state arch-leftist state Senator Ray Read More

Fake controversy over Exxon settlement, Morses Creek cleanup is obliterated by Judge’s decision

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The hyper-partisan bitch fest over New Jersey’s much-reported Exxon settlement was always light on facts, Save Jerseyans. Devoid of supporting facts would be more accurate. The clearest evidence? The same liberal critics Read More

2017 underway, Fulop seeks to score points bashing Christie over Exxon settlement

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Republicans helped put Steven Fulop (D-Jersey City) in power, Save Jerseyans, but now he’s throwing as many elbows as he can at an unpopular Republican governor to win the hearts and minds of Read More