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Kyrillos Camp Calls for Menendez to Release Travel Records Following Daily Caller Story

The mainstream media (except for the British papers ironically enough) have almost completely ignored this morning’s Daily Caller allegations. MMM cites one inside MSM source as claiming both the story and the media’s post-Sandy resources are “thin.” Somehow I doubt a Read More

Is Hurricane Bob a Direct Hit? Daily Caller Allegations Sweep Internet

New Jersey was already the unlikely center of American’s political universe this election eve week in the wake of brutal Hurricane Sandy. Is the country ready for Hurricane Bob, too? Everyone is talking about a late breaking Daily Caller story hyped Read More

A New Rule for the Old Media: Scandals Are Only Worth Reporting When They Involve Republicans and Sex!

Today The Courier-Post ran another story on Medford Mayor Chris Myers and his alleged, not-so-discrete rendezvous with a gay escort. Is it newsworthy? Absolutely. The press has photographs of what looks like the Mayor in a compromising position (pun intended), Read More