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NEW POLL: 6% Needed Profanity to Express Their Opinion of Christie’s #NJShutdown ‘Beach Day’

The #NJShutdown verdict is in, Save Jerseyans, and it ain’t pretty for Chris Christie (or anyone in Trenton for that matter). Overall, somewhat more people blame him for the recent state shutdown than the legislature according to Monmouth University’s polling Read More

EXCLUSIVE: N.J. Employees Advised to Apply for Unemployment Benefits Following 3-Day Shutdown

Updated 7/6/27 at 1:51 p.m. New Jersey’s state shutdown lasted for three full days, Save Jerseyans, meaning that most state workers missed one day of work (at most) heading into the July 4th holiday. But guess what? According to our Read More

Comparing the Shutdown Scores of Maine’s LePage and Chris Christie

Chris Christie and Paul LePage are friends, Save Jerseyans, sharing not just a Republican affiliation and gubernatorial titles but also a decidedly combustible approach to interpersonal relations in the public eye. Said another way? They’re smack talkers par excellence. Their Read More

ONLY IN NEW JERSEY: Democrat Legislator celebrates passage of the budget he voted against

Bob Andrzejczak, a Democrat Assemblyman from New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District (Cape May and most of Cumberland County), isn’t routinely needed by his party to pass legislation that’d be considered distasteful in his rural, conservative-relative-to-N.J.-generally district, so he often gets Read More

BREAKING: Budget passes, and N.J. government reopens, but taxpayers likely lose big

It’s over: Assembly passes NJ budget, three days after deadline. Dems give @VincentPrieto standing ovation: 53-23-1 pic.twitter.com/cwkCvdKZCz — Katie Jennings (@katiedjennings) July 4, 2017 The ayes have it. Assembly finally approves state budget, clearing way for @GovChristie to sign and Read More