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LD16 Preview: “Christie Conservative” Versus “Corzine Democrat”

With all of the hoopla surrounding this year’s federal contests and the summer party conventions, Save Jerseyans, it’s easy to forget that we have some very important “special” legislative races to win. Exhibit A is the fight for New Jersey’s Read More

UPDATE: GOP Assemblyman Charged with Writing $400,000 in Bad Checks

It’s been a BAD week for the State Assembly, Save Jerseyans. On both sides of the aisle. Ironically, both politicians at the center of these respective stories reside in Washington Townships. Weird, right? On Tuesday, Gloucester County Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-LD4) was arrested Read More

Assembly Passes Pedophile Relocation Act

That’s not really what it’s called, Save Jerseyans, but that’s exactly what will happen if Governor Christie doesn’t veto the New Jersey Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act. Relocated to a home near you! Possibly even next door? This backdoor affordable housing scheme passed Read More

Getting My “Hops” Up

Yeah yeah, bad pun. I know. It’s Friday. Give me a break! But seriously, Save Jerseyans: what follows is the most delicious news of your week. Legislation introduced by Assemblywoman Alison McHose (R) to ease regulation on New Jersey microbreweries made it through the Assembly Law and Read More

Please Stop Horsing Around

I love (most) of our Republican legislators, Save Jerseyans, but sometimes even the ones I like do or say things that make your Blogger-in-Chief feel as if his head is about to explode. BOOM. This is one of those moments; a member of the GOP Assembly caucus has Read More

Trenton’s Democrats Rooting Against Gay Marriage Bill

Yup. That’s not a typo, Save Jerseyans. It’s only the dirtiest little non-secret in Trenton. You wouldn’t know it from reading their nauseatingly self-righteous press releases, but I assure you New Jersey’s leading Democrats are all-too-happy to sit back and Read More