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VIDEO: Rooney Catches Up with ‘Allen, Keenan & Halgas’ GOP Ticket at Cinnaminson Day

Diane Allen (R-Edgewater Park) has served New Jersey’s 7th Legislative District in the State Senate since 1998. And since 1998, Save Jerseyans, she’s served alone without any Republican district mates on the Assembly side. 14 years is an awful long Read More

ONLINE POLL: Which Senate Seat is the NJGOP’s Best 2011 Pick Up Opportunity?

Governor Christie campaigned passionately yesterday in Bergen County’s LD38. He’s looking to bring more taxpayer-friendly folks to Trenton. The NJGOP’s top pol was also realistic on the stump. He said a Republican takeover could only result from “a tsunami” since Read More

For New Jersey’s Unions, It’s a Scalp or Irrelevance on November 8th

A few legislative seats may change hands on November 8th, Save Jerseyans, but neither political party risks being labeled irrelevant on November 9th. There just aren’t enough competitive races for such a thing to happen. Thank you, Alan Rosenthal. But Read More