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Thieves Typically Don’t Post Net Losses

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The mainstream media is a business not unlike anything other business, Save Jerseyans. It exists to make money, a somewhat ironic point since many of its members distrust or loathe capitalism. They’re just not particularly Read More

Can We Please Probe This Next?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Yes, the feds are “probing” Chris Christie’s use of  $25 million in Sandy relief package funds for last summer’s “Stronger than the Storm” post-Sandy marketing campaign. I explained yesterday why the routine audit’s announcement on Read More

#NJSen Election Open Thread

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog The big day has arrived, Save Jerseyans. Will Steve Lonegan pull of an epic upset and give Harry Reid a headache? Or will Cory Booker tweet his way into an undeserved promotion filling out the Read More

Polling Station Relocations at the Jersey Shore

Sandy notwithstanding, there’s no good excuse to miss voting this year. They’re making it stupid proof. As we’ve already told you, Save Jerseyans, Governor Christie’s Administration has responded to Hurricane Sandy power outages/flooding/relocations/gas shortages by expanding your voting options. Those Read More

Go Get Voting Out of the Way TODAY, New Jerseyans!

To make voting even easier for displaced citizens, the Christie Administration will now permit electronic voting in the wake of Hurricane Sandy (in addition to early extended voting as reported earlier below this post’s fold). The details: To vote electronically, Read More